StarDot Retail Loss Prevention Solutions

Loss Prevention

Shrinkage losses in the retail industry total over $30 billion each year. The majority of shrinkage is due to both employee theft and shoplifting. StarDot's multi-megapixel dome cameras have proven themselves to be an excellent tool in fighting shrinkage. The video quality of StarDot's cameras dramatically overshadows standard CCTV video camera footage, most noticeably in currency and face identification, a key element in proving employee theft and convicting shoplifters.

Slip and Fall Fraud

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, 3% of slip-and-fall injuries are fraudulent, amounting to nearly $2 billion a year in litigation expenses. A key element to dismissing slip-and-fall fraud is crystal clear video of the incident. StarDot's multi-megapixel cameras capture details simply not possible with CCTV cameras, such as items on the floor, floor conditions and individuals involved.

Employee Management

No manager can keep an eye on all employees at all times. Work video surveillance can create a safer and more productive work environment. StarDot megapixel cameras can be used to replace multiple CCTV cameras for employee management applications.

Multi-Megapixel is the Answer

StarDot's "Beyond HD" multi-megapixel cameras are the ideal retail solution. Not only do they provide significantly more detail than standard resolution cameras, they also allow you to use one camera in place of two or three standard CCTV cameras, a cost savings on hardware, installation and maintenance.

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