StarDot History


StarDot Technologies has been designing and manufacturing digital imaging and video solutions since 1994. Stardot has provided solutions to a wide variety of organizations and completed a range of projects. StarDot Technologies continues its history of innovation, designing faster and higher resolution cameras continuously, with firmware updates regularly providing the benefit of new features added to the existing IP cameras. StarDot was there all along, from the beginning. Below you will find a brief list of highlights from over the years.

• Designing Digital Camera Technology since 1994

• All Digital Image/Video Processing Designed In-House

• All Motion JPEG and H.264 Compression Designed In-House

• Sold over 300,000 Digital Cameras

• Created First Remote “Dial-Up” Digital Security Camera

• Embedded Cameras in Diebold ATMs

• Provided NetCam Megapixel Cameras for Pilot Safety, NavCanada and FAA

• Provided Security and Tourism Cameras for Global Hotel Chains

• StarDot Cameras on Yosemite, Yellowstone, Niagara Falls, Pyramids, Mount St Helens, Eiffel Tower Web Sites

• Provided city wide traffic surveillance for Bangkok Thailand.

Last Updated: 02.08.2014