StarDot Technologies Partners with exacqVision

December 15, 2008 08:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time


StarDot Technologies Partners with exacqVision Video Management System


High Definition NetCam SC megapixel cameras are now integrated with surveillance software and systems from Exacq Technologies


BUENA PARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--StarDot Technologies, a manufacturer of high definition IP video cameras, is now integrated with Exacq Technologies Video Management System (VMS) software, a cutting edge digital video surveillance solution.


Exacq’s VMS software is a platform that provides a common user interface for video surveillance systems small or large, and can seamlessly merge all video types: analog, IP, standard resolution, megapixel resolution, multiple compression formats, and more. It’s designed to be an inexpensive and complete surveillance solution for small, mid-range and enterprise level installations that allow users to fully take advantage of the high picture quality offered by StarDot cameras such as the NetCam SC series.


StarDot’s joint venture with Exacq offers customers a robust solution covering a wide variety of security applications that require high speed recording, scalability and the ultimate in video clarity. “The StarDot Video Image Engine processor in the NetCam SC Cameras is an excellent complement to the exacqVision platform,” said Vance Kozik, StarDot’s product manager, “The combination provides an ideal solution for license plate capture, face detail capture or replacing multiple CCTV cameras with a single wide angle megapixel camera.”


"We're extremely pleased to offer support for StarDot's high definition IP video cameras to the exacqVision Video Management System software," notes Dave Underwood, President of Exacq Technologies. "The demand for reliable, cost-effective high definition video in the security industry continues to grow and StarDot meets that need."


About StarDot Technologies

StarDot Technologies is a designer and manufacturer of IP video solutions and has built a reputation on image quality, ease of use and reliability. The StarDot Image Engine found in the NetCam SC cameras is built around 15 years of digital image processing experience. The NetCam SC security line is sold though US and international distributors and resellers in the security industry. StarDot provides solutions to a wide variety of organizations, including the FAA, NOAA, NASA, Starwood and NavCanada. The business sector includes security, tourism, construction, education and government.


About Exacq Technologies

Based in Indianapolis, Exacq Technologies was created by a group that pioneered the digital video surveillance industry. Exacq Technologies is a manufacturer of IP and hybrid network digital video recording systems and OEM products for the security industry.


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