Honorable Mention New Product SIA 2013 - Video Surveillance Cameras HD (Megapixel) : Multi-Channel Long Distance Coaxial (MCLDC)
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Multi-Channel Long Distance Coaxial (MCLDC) from StarDot Technologies Inc. Video Surveillance Cameras (Megapixel) Receives Honorable Mention at SIA’s 2013 New Product Showcase at ISC West 2013


April 24, 2013
Buena Park, California USA


We are very pleased to announce that StarDot Technologies won an award at the Security Industry Association’s 2013 New Product Showcase (NPS) in the Megapixel Video Surveillance category. The showcase was judged at ISC West in Las Vegas.  Since 1979, the NPS has been the security industry’s premier awards-based marketing program. This year’s NPS had 84 entries from 66 companies.


Although the award was only an honorable mention, the technology presented by StarDot was so new that it was difficult for the judges to appraise what effect it would have on the industry. The awards tend to be oriented towards practical solutions in specific products. Being an entirely new product category, the honorable mention was quite an achievement.


But the real achievement came on the ISC West floor, with StarDot’s booth surrounded by installers and IP camera makers viewing a live demo of 4 cameras streaming 1080p through 2000 feet of coaxial cable. All 4 streams were a smooth 30fps without the usual frame skipping associated with IP cameras.  When they learned that up to 16 cameras could share a cable for a length of 1000 feet, and single cameras could go as far as 3000 feet, nearly all of them recognized how much of a shakeup this new technology could bring to the security industry. 


Multi-Channel Long Distance Coaxial is a technology which transmits megapixel streams over ordinary coaxial cabling using digital television standards.  The unique connection methods (point-to-point, daisy-chain, and self-healing-ring) allow integrators more flexibility in system design. The long distance transmission is without additional equipment and integrates to NVR software in the traditional manner.


"This is an industry first, and will change how people view a megapixel security camera installation. Using traditional RG59 cabling to run multiple camera streams for 1000 feet with no special equipment has never been seen before.  Nor has such flexibility in connection methods.  A new camera can be inserted into an existing cable with a simple BNC T coupler.  This will truly be an industry changer”, said Benn Hernandez (National Account Sales Manager)


To learn more about MCLDC, visit our website at www.stardot.com/mcldc


About StarDot

StarDot is a US designer and manufacturer of multi-megapixel cameras for the security industry. Applications include day/night license plate recording, detailed face capturing, 180° Single Camera Surveillance as well as general security. With an eighteen+ year history of digital image processor design, StarDot’s multi-megapixel camera line features enhanced low light performance, extended temperature range and rugged construction. www.stardot.com