StarDot MCLDC technology Surveillance Solutions

Above Image Shows DTV Camera and DTV Channel Receiver (DTV->IP Gateway)


Multi-Channel Long Distance Coaxial - a breakthrough in video surveillance technology

Multi-Channel Long Distance Coaxial is a new technology which transmits megapixel video through coaxial cable. MCLDC is not HD-SDI or IP over Coax. It is a common sense technology using digital television signaling, an established and reliable standard. MCLDC cameras are able to transmit megapixel video through 1000ft of coaxial cable without a repeater or transmitter. An extra drive version can go as far as 3000 feet. The quality of the cabling can be fairly poor, relative to HD-SDI or IP over coax requirements. If analog video works in the cable, the MCLDC will always work.

The current versions of MCLDC use the European DVB-T standard, and are compatible with a whole range of existing television equipment. This includes low cost HD monitors. Because MCLDC cameras utilize digital television signaling, each camera can be on a different “channel”. This allows up to 16 MCLDC cameras to share a single coaxial cable. Retrofitting an old analog camera installation with MCLDC cameras can significantly reduce the cost, as each old analog camera is simply swapped out with a new MCLDC camera. Then when new cameras are needed to expand the system, they can simply tie into one of the existing cables using a simple T connector. The old rule of one coax cable for each camera no longer applies.

The best way to visualize this is to think about how cable television works in your home, and all of the channels that your set top box receives through a single coaxial cable. MCLDC is the exact same concept, but instead your set top box is the MCLDC channel receiver. DVB-T is a very reliable method of transmitting video signals which uses QAM, and has proven itself in television broadcasting all over the world, making it a common sense solution to transmit surveillance video.

What are the benefits of using MCLDC?

    MCLDC is a true retrofit solution, meaning the end user can save a significant amount of money on a CCTV upgrade by keeping the coaxial cable and power feed that is already in place. The cost of the MCLDC cameras and channel receiver are competitive when compared to HD-SDI and IP over Coax solutions, and the overall cost will compete against any IP installation.

    • Long distance cable run up to 3000ft - 10 times the distance of IP and HD-SDI
    • An installer can easily add more cameras to an MCLDC security system. The daisy chain capable topology means that adding a new camera is as simple as connecting a coaxial cable from the nearest camera.
    • MCLDC cameras also simultaneously transmit analog video, and it can be sent down the same cable as the megapixel transmission. The analog video can be used on analog monitors that are already in place, for example in a retail store or a casino that wants to watch the surveillance cameras on their existing monitors.
    • Being able to add 16 cameras to a single cable will alleviate issues such as limited conduit space and having to install multiple cable runs (adding to the overall cost of an install).
    • Existing CCTV installations can be expanded at a minimal cost. You can daisy chain MCLDC cameras together to easily add more cameras to an installation.
    • The MCLDC network channel receiver is ONVIF Profile S compliant, so MCLDC technology is compatible with a wide range of VMS platforms.

Save money and keep the coax

If an analog CCTV installation is already in place, that same coaxial cable can be used with MCLDC cameras. MCLDC is the ideal technology to upgrade an existing analog CCTV system to a high quality megapixel surveillance system. Because multiple MCLDC cameras can be connected to a single coaxial cable, an existing CCTV installation can be expanded at minimal cost. MCLDC cameras utilize all of the same connectors and cables as traditional analog CCTV cameras, making the physical installation very simple.

MCLDC topology examples

StarDot MCLDC technology Surveillance Solutions StarDot MCLDC technology Surveillance Solutions StarDot MCLDC technology Surveillance Solutions

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