The StarDot MCLDC Channel Receiver supports up to 4 MCLDC cameras connected via coaxial cable. The ONVIF Profile S compliant channel receiver will deliver industry standard RTSP H.264 streams to a Third Party NVR.

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4 Channel Network Receiver | ONVIF Profile S Compliant

• Part Number: SDHMSRV4
• Convert DTV Camera video signal to IP Protocol • Increases Bandwidth Efficiency with H.264 Streaming
• Four Channel MCLDC DTV Channel Receiver (Gateway DTV-IP ONVIF)
• Receives megapixel DTV video signal
• Retrofit megapixel cameras into a legacy analog installation
• Long distance data transmission via coaxial
• 12VDC Power
• One (1) x Coax input


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SDHMSRV4 Quick Start Guide